Abe Anaya

Abe.jpgAbraham (aka Abe) is what you would call “homegrown.” Abe is no stranger to the San Fernando Valley, where he was born and raised. Born to immigrant parents from Mexico, Abe is a first-generation Mexican-American with two sisters and four brothers. His life was never short of a dull moment. With minimal exposure to Jesus and the Church, at the age of 21, he found himself begging God for answers. God answered in a big way by leading him to Shepherd of the Hills Church (now known as Shepherd Church) in December of 2000. Abe was baptized the following year, and soon after, joined a Life Group with his new wife Desserie.

Because of his cultural upbringing as a first-generation Mexican-American, Abe intuitively understood the need for community life. In a big church, he found that community life in a small group!

His passion for connecting people into a Life Group stems from his experience and now better understands it from a Biblical worldview. God created His people for community life! Because of his passion and heart for people, Abe joined our pastoral staff in 2008.

As a Los Angeles native, Abe is an avid Laker fan! He also enjoys Southern California beaches, window-shopping (yes, you read that correctly), reading, and cooking. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids more than anything else. For the Anaya family, snuggling is a way of life!

Abe is currently finishing his Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies at Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley, California.

Things you may not know about him:

  • He is a classic car enthusiast but doesn’t own one
  • He always wanted to be a fireman
  • Tacos are his favorite food (he gave himself the nickname "Al Pastor Abe")

Contact Pastor Abe:

818.831.9333 ext. 2245

Brian Marston

Brian.jpgBrian was raised in the San Gabriel Valley in a town called Temple City right next to Arcadia. Brian’s parents were very involved with the church while he and his brother, Brent were growing up. Brian was baptized on Easter in 1980 at El Monte First Christian Church. Brian’s family moved to First Baptist Church of Temple City in 1984 where his parents still attend and stay active. Brian was in the sixth grade at the time and also happens to be where he met his future bride, Cindy.

Brian was recruited out of Temple City High School to compete as a pole vaulter at Cal. State University, Northridge where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Biomechanics. Brian and Cindy were eventually married on August of 1995 and they began to search for a church of their own which landed them at Hillcrest Christian Church, which is now Shepherd Church, in the fall of 1995. Brian attended the Encounter weekend in February of 2006. Upon coming home from that decided that God had called him to get involved with the children’s ministry which he did and started volunteering in JAM at the Saturday night 6:30 service. Pastor Mike and Lu Williams had big plans to transform the 5:00 service into Kid Street (now Family Theatre), a Family style service where kids bring their parents to church. Brian was asked to perform on stage and did several characters including Gordo and Sam Shovel since Kid Street started. Brian has also been the kid’s choir director for the 4 and 5 year old Sonbeam Singers for several seasons and enjoyed every minute of both ministries.

Brian found true transformation however once attending the School of Discipleship course (an extension of the Encounter Ministry). God put in Brian’s heart, a passion for teaching and leading men through their own transformation. Weekly meetings with these men and with Bahram as his mentor, God began a work that will continue into the new chapter of Brian’s life and full time service to our Creator God. 

Brian has since earned a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership from Hope International University. 

Brian is a huge Dodger fan and listens and/or watches nightly during the baseball season. And yes, we got robbed by the Houston ***.  Brian and Cindy have been married for 24 years and have two boys and a little girl: Zachary (19), James (17) and Avery (14). 

Things you may not know about him:

  • Brian loves riding his skateboard in empty pools, surfing, and rock climbing. He does at least two of these different activities every week!
  • Brian is a Star Wars fanatic and knows far too much about any of it. The newest episodic movie was decent, but "The Mandalorian" and the last seasons of "Rebels" and "The Clone Wars" have been fantastic!!
  • Brian was a pole vaulter at TCHS and CSUN and then coached for more than 10 years at the university and collegiate levels.

Contact Pastor Brian:
818.831.9333 ext. 2138

Victor Pena

Victor.pngVictor is California born and bred. Most of his life has been spent in the San Fernando Valley. He is one of two children (The other child being his little brother Yoshi, yes like the Mario Brothers video game). For the most part, Victor grew up a very average life. It was in Victor’s high school days that God began tugging at his heart.

Growing up in Shepherd Church, volunteering in the Small Stars ministry, and being a part of the youth group, Victor's life was about to go through major overhaul. At a Revival in 2007, Victor gave his life to Christ and after that Revival, felt a calling to vocational ministry. At a summer camp in 2008, he knew what he had to do with his life, but he did not know how he was going to do it.

Victor applied to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. in order to satisfy his hunger of more bible knowledge. He was accepted and spent three and a half years at Moody receiving great ministry training, an intense bible and theological education at Moody, and learning to trust and rely on God more and more as his provider of grace and life. After five years of college and several internships, Victor is back where it all started, and serving as a pastor here at Shepherd Church! Serving alongside the rest of the Life Groups team with a passion for small groups and getting people connected into a group! 

He and his wife Taylor live locally in the San Fernando Valley adventuring to taco trucks and coffee shops as well as traveling to Disneyland on their days off for a few hours of fun! 

Things you may not know about him:

  • Iron Man is his favorite super hero.
  • He enjoys making pour-over coffee at home and learning coffee techniques to make and drink more coffee! 
  • Has always dreamt of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • He considers himself a Taco Enthusiast. 

Contact Pastor Victor: 
818.831.9333 ext.2109

Lori Lewis

Lori.jpgLori Lewis was born in Tripoli, Libya, North Africa where she stayed for 9 days before going with her mother to the island of Crete in Greece where her family lived. Being a part of a military family, Lori lived in various places such as Crete, Greece; Manila, Philippines; Orlando, Florida; Charlevoix, Michigan, Canyon Country, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and finally returning to Southern California where she has spent the last 31 years. 

Lori is no rookie when it comes to working as support staff. She has been an integral part of Hillcrest/Shepherd of the Hills Church for the last 29 years where she has assisted different ministries. She has been with the Life Groups team for the last 19 years where she oversees all administrative responsibilities as well as serves as the staff leader at our Women’s Encounter. Lori loves serving Christ and helping people especially after witnessing firsthand the amazing life-changing experience of the Women’s Encounter and how it has transformed many in our church. 

Lori has a passion for children and sees them as the most precious gift. She would love to serve or work one day in an orphanage where she can love on those children who are in need of it. One day, she hopes to come along side an organization that helps mistreated children. 

When Lori is not cleaning up our administrative messes, she loves cooking, (not baking), reading, horseback riding, and hiking.

Things you may not know about her:

  • At age 25, she auditioned to be a radio disc jockey.
  • She worked at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Contact Lori:
818.831.9333 ext.2111